The history of the board games

The history of the board games

The concept of board game is a thousand-year-old concept that originated in the first civilizations. There are traces of board games as early as 3,000 BC, in South America, Asia and Egypt. However, the beginnings of board games are estimated to be between 10,000 and 3,000 BC, from the time humans began to become nomads and live in the city.

But what is a board game? There are several answers to this question. Many people point out that from the moment a game takes place with several people, it is a board game, which is not necessarily false but is a little reductive… Indeed, the most accurate definition of board game would be: a leisure activity subject to rules that define the means, constraints and objectives to be achieved during the game. The principle is also to create entertainment by trying to achieve a final goal.

However, it would seem that board games may have an ever-changing definition. It is at this point that the principle of board game is strong; it is scalable and timeless. Few concepts of society have been able to resist evolution! For example, the concept of the board game is older than some concepts of everyday life such as those, for example, of republic, sport or others that have taken on a crucial importance in our time!

The idea of entertaining several people now seems normal. At the time, this was a real step forward. In a period when wars and conflicts, even within a population group, are commonplace, the fact of being together to simply play can seem innovative, even inappropriate… However, it is quite the opposite. Games, in full evolution and more and more popular, allow the first social and political interactions! “You can know more about someone in an hour of play than in a year of conversation,” Plato said. In other words, it highlights the impact that gambling, in general, had on ancient society.

The board game is therefore a vestige of the past constantly brought up to date, anchored in everyday practices, become a common pastime, pleasant and unifying!

The board game therefore pushes us towards certain questions and certain questions. How did the concept, so obvious today, of board games come about and how did it develop and become a reference in the world of play?

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