Educational Board Games

Wanna learn and have fun? Why not play a board game? Even better, play educational board game.

Play with Friends and Family

Boar Games are good to Play with you Friends or Family and have fun together and teach the value of teamwork.

Increase your IQ

Kids that play Educational Board Games think more logicaly, which include planning, organizing, and making good decisions.

Additional Benefits

The additional benefits we can mention here are boosting their language skills – spelling- and sharpening the child’s focus.

Is it possible to learn from the game?

The child plays from the first months of life. It is a way to understand and learn from one’s environment. We undertook a lot of mimicry games when we were children, like playing with our doll as if it were our child, playing the merchant, and so on.

 We were able to integrate the rules and social codes in these games. We became aware of the existence of the other and began to think about how to interact with him. And bigger, it still works.

 The game is a way to understand our environment without taking risks. We can invest a lot of money in Monopoly without endangering our personal finances.

 Man has always been playing board games with his friends. It seems to be more than an activity.

 While we encourage young children to play, this need seems to be quickly stifled with age: “Now is not the time to play, do your homework!” Why not say instead: “Do your homework, it’s time to play!”  It is possible to motivate the child and the adolescent, to involve them, and to make them an actor of their learning by offering them a positive experience with play. The latest research shows that we learn better by finding pleasure and feeling emotions.

 The “ludo pedagogy” was developed.

In recent years, this discipline has entered through the front door in schools, colleges and high schools and many initiatives exist to implement it in and out of schools.

 The development of serious escape games, which are escape games with learning objectives. There are platforms that your child can use to do math in a fun way. Angry birds can be used to work on parabolic trajectory in mathematics. The aim of the site is to analyze and identify the skills implemented by classic board games because yes, board games have educational virtues. Playing with your children allows you to create a bond with them and share time with them, but in addition, they develop certain skills at home with more ease than in other activities.

Board games teach the rules of living together

#1.  You have to communicate with each other at a table.

#2.   You have to be aware of the game’s rules.

#3.   You have to wait your turn and respect the time of the other.

#4.  You have to control your emotions, learn to lose, and recognize the other’s victory.

 It is necessary to implement essential skills

 Follow the course of the game, be attentive to the rule, and Concentration, follow the course of the game, be attentive to the rule, and Concentration, follow the course of the game, be attentive to the rule, and Concentration, follow the course of the game, be attentive to:

  • Having thought upstream and building a more or less complex strategy is decision making.
  • Sometimes it takes several games to fully understand all the nuances of a game and improve, to finally win.
  • Sometimes you have to play with other people to progress.
  • Sometimes it is necessary to carry out several strategies at the same time and to have in mind several solutions to a problem before choosing one and mourning the others.
  • Some players play quicker than others.
  • Specific skills need to be made work.

Slots Games Based on Classic Board Games

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